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About my Captain Tsubasa 2 nes remake

Hello there! I’m Gaston, passionate about design, technology and, of course, videogames. One of my most exciting projects is the recreation from scratch of the iconic Famicom game “Captain Tsubasa 2 – Super Striker” in a modern and updated remake version.

This game has a very special emotional value for me. During the 90’s, in my native Buenos Aires, I used to play it with my brother on our modest Family Game console. We would spend hours trying to figure out the riddles the game presented us with and writing down passwords so as not to lose progress. This resulted in a series of Gloria notebooks full of kanji and unforgettable memories of our childhood.

The inspiration for this project came after the anime reboot in 2018. With my iPad in hand, I decided to recreate the game’s iconic intro with modern graphics. This experience led me to wonder if anyone else had attempted to recreate this game we loved so much as kids.

After researching and not finding a satisfactory version of this remastering, I decided to embark on this challenge on my own. I am now in the exciting stage of remaking the Famicom game from scratch, using graphics inspired by the 1983/86 anime and a current game engine.

What will my remake be about?

My goal is to keep the gameplay, story and characters (with all their original special techniques) as faithful as possible to the original game, within my programming capabilities and memory.

⚽️ GRAPHICS: The remastering I’m doing of the game’s sprites is strongly inspired by the “Shin Captain Tsubasa” OVA, from the early 90s and to a lesser extent by the 80s anime. I made this decision mainly because, besides being my personal favorite style, it is the one that the programmers of the famicom game had as a reference at that time and that they translated with the tools at their disposal in the 8bit cartridge.
Being inspired by this era, the kits will be the same as those presented in the anime (for example West Germany with its green jersey) or, failing that, representative of that time of each counterpart team.

⚽️ AUDIO: About the audio section, as I personally consider the original 8bit OST as iconic as the game itself, initially I will leave it as it is and I will evaluate in the future to include alternative versions of the same themes, but in remastered versions/covers. The SFX will be updated and I will include the Japanese voices of the main characters for their special techniques.

Also, I plan to translate the texts from Japanese to Latin Spanish and, if possible, to English.

⚽️ STORY: The game aims to be a faithful remake of the original, so it should cover the matches and tournaments played in it, i.e.: Rio Cup, Japan National High School Tournament, Japan Cup, Asian Youth World Cup Qualifiers, Youth World Cup Preliminaries and Youth World Cup. The teams will have their original formations and I will try to name the generic players based on the same teams in other versions of TECMO games.

⚽️ GAMEPLAY: Although this is a remake made from scratch, I will try to mimic the original gameplay and AI of each team, to try to be as faithful as possible to the original experience. All the events and cinematheques of the original Captain Tsubasa 2 nes (famicom) will be respected, as well as the techniques of the players.

Therefore it will NOT include PvP, multiplayer or changes to the base gameplay of the original material.

⚽️ DISTRIBUTION: Although I don’t intend to commercialize this project because it’s a personal project I do for myself, and legal issues, my dream is to share it independently and individually once it’s finished, being macOS the main version and Windows/PC the following adaptations (although they are not my priority).

This project is a personal, non-profit work, which I develop in my spare time, so I can NOT provide an estimated completion date or a concrete demo/beta. I am carrying out the whole project, from design and animation to programming, on my own.

Any help or ideas you want to share are more than welcome on this nostalgic journey. For more details on the progress, I invite you to follow the design journal on my Discord or watch the progress on my YouTube channel.

If you’re interested in supporting it, you have below how to do so.

Thanks for joining me on this exciting adventure, friend of the ball! ⚽️

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Find out how you can support my remake of Captain Tsubasa 2

If you liked this game and played it when you were a kid, will you help me make this dream come true?

You can support it:

  • Spreading the word! by sharing it on social media with all your friends using the hashtag #ct2remake (I would appreciate it if you mention me and use some of the links I share in this post),
  • Subscribing to the YouTube channel and sharing/commenting on the videos, or
  • via PayPal donation. These donations will always be as a personal support to my project, not meaning any extra benefit.

For more information, you can follow the progress and join the community on my Discord: https://discord.gg/3EEpWuVnHY or look for me on Social Networks as @gastonoliva (or at https://bento.me/gaston).